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Find the best Walkstool to suit you and your needs.  Compare Walkstool in the table below.

Walkstool Comfort

The Walkstool Comfort models are made for people who like to feel very comfortable when they sit down. The seats are approximately 40%, 60% and 80% bigger than a normal seat for a three legged stool. The taller the stool, the bigger the seat size.

Walkstool Basic

The Walkstool Basic 50cm/20in and Walkstool Basic 60cm/24in are mainly aimed at the mass market. The seat is made of black polyester and is approximately 20% bigger in size than a normal seat for a three legged stool. The legs are grey to match the seat.

Walkstool Comfort 45cm / 18inWalkstool Comfort 55cm / 22inWalkstool Comfort 65cm / 26inWalkstool Comfort 75cm / 30inWalkstool Basic 50cm / 20inWalkstool Basic 60cm / 24in
Height (Fully Extended)45cm / 18in55cm / 22in65cm / 26in75cm / 30in50cm / 20in60cm / 24in
Height (Legs Collapsed)28cm / 11in33cm / 13in37cm / 15in44cm / 17in30cm / 12in36cm / 14in
Folded Length35cm / 14in41cm / 16in45cm / 18in51cm / 20in36cm / 14in41cm / 16in
Sitting ComfortVery GoodHighExtremeExtremeGoodGood
Seat Size35cm / 14in37.5cm / 15in40cm / 16in40cm / 16in32.5cm / 13in32.5cm / 13in
Weight825g / 29oz900g / 32oz970g / 34oz1050g / 37oz680g / 23oz725g / 26oz
Maximum Load200kg / 440lbs225kg / 495lbs250kg / 550lbs250kg / 550lbs150kg / 330lbs175kg / 385lbs
Feet TypeBig, rubberBig, rubberBig, rubberBig, rubberNormal, plasticNormal, plastic
QualityExtremeExtremeExtremeExtremeVery goodVery good
Colour of SeatBlackBlackBlackBlackBlack/GreyBlack/Grey
Production CountrySwedenSwedenSwedenSwedenSwedenSweden
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